Monday, January 14, 2008


Tom Tomorrow asks us to show a little pity for the pundits. So, you and I can look at the candidates and the country, and can say 'McKinney/Edwards/Huckabee, with Edwards to win.' However! The poor pundits have to have something to say every day. You recall the 2004 Democratic Presidential Nominations. We knew it would be Edwards or Kerry, but there was this long and expensive bout of nonsense, which we're seeing again.

Of course, like Football or Spears/Hilton/Lohan, this is just gunk designed to keep us from talking about the issues that affect us. And campaign horserace folderol is particularly pernicious, as it distracts the people who are most inclined to talk about substantive issues.

But, it's our system. And the Jonathan Alters and so forth are just doing their jobs. So, really, this is a plea for tolerance. I'm not suggesting you pay attention to them. But try not to hate them for their anti-American support of the corporate plutocracy.

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