Friday, January 04, 2008

Early Childhood Problem Solved!

Nice post by Judith Warren of the New York Times; essentially it's an ad for the surrogate mother industry in India. I'm not super clear how it works, but presumably your agent ships a zygote to india and brings you an infant 9 or so months later.

While this solves a lot of problems by itself, imagine if you could take custody when they're four or five years old -- children aren't going to have many memories before that, but they require a lot of adult attention, both physical touching and very interactive learning. It's incredibly time consuming, and in the weird two-parent structure we seem addicted to, it really has to impact one or both parents' careers significantly.

The time consuming stuff can be done overseas! You get your kid back when they're old enough for the public school to take them! The surrogate mother can spend all that time with the kid, changing a little the meaning of 'pay to play.'

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