Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cola's apparently pretty bad for you

So, almost two years ago I quit soda for about a year and a half. This did nothing for me, so I started up again a few months ago with gusto -- I'll have two or three cokes a day now.

It is well known that too much soda can increase the risk of diabetes and obesity. But when it comes to kidney problems, is there a difference between colas and other kinds of soda?


In a study published in the journal Epidemiology, the team compared the dietary habits of 465 people with chronic kidney disease and 467 healthy people. After controlling for various factors, the team found that drinking two or more colas a day — whether artificially sweetened or regular — was linked to a twofold risk of chronic kidney disease.

So, yeah. Obesity turns out to be a pretty easy thing to track; diabetes and chronic kidney disease less so. But, I guess I'll have to plan to quit again.

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nephos said...

Make 'em rum and cokes, and you get your liver thrown in for free!

Perhaps you need to look for purveyors of "cola offsets"