Friday, December 21, 2007

Wow. I guess that's Huckabee-Edwards-McKinney

David Cobb is not a declared candidate for the Green Party nomination. I'm going to have to modify my earlier prediction. I think Cynthia McKinney will be hard to beat. She's a former federal legislator after all. I don't imagine she'll get along very well with the party leadership -- her police-office-pushing incident was just the most famous example of her petulance, and consensus-driven decision making is not for the impatient.

Oh, believe me.

Cynthia McKinney's other big problem is that she's a disaffected Democrat, and Greens don't really want to be seen as disaffected Democrats. Democrats, I think, tend to feel that if they were a little less progressive, a little less inclined to slit their own children's throats and pour the blood into the gaping corporate maw, then the Green Party would just disappear. But, the Green Party is fundamentally about a transformation in governance, not FDR-style modifications to mollify the people. And nominating McKinney would blur that distinction somewhat. But, it would be really good for money and visibility.

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