Monday, December 31, 2007

احمد عمر سعید شیخ

Benazir Bhutto, before she died, claimed Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the alleged killer of Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl, killed Osama bin Laden. [update: this is about 6:13 in the first clip on the linked page. I'm not convinced it's what she meant, as per this comment.]

So ... ObL is dead. That Morgan Spurlock must have led Sheikh Omar right to his spider hole. Since the explicit driver of our foreign policy is retribution for 9/11, I thought I'd bring that up. While it's not obvious that the Bush Administration had anything to do with this, maybe we can give them credit for "letting it happen on purpose."

Still, the fewer of the known decision makers of the attacks that live, the harder it will be to uncover the unknown decision makers.

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