Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Clinton and Bush 41 to clean up after Tsunami Dubya

Via TalkingPointsMemo
Former President Bill Clinton said Sen. Hillary Clinton has the answers to the challenges America faces during a campaign stop at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College Monday.
One woman asked what Sen. Clinton would do in her first days as president. Clinton said his wife would deploy him and former President George H.W. Bush to nations to say America is open for business and cooperation.
So, together, these guys make one James Baker? Have they spoken to Bush 41 about this? Does President Clinton go everywhere with former President Bush now, eating pork rinds all over the world?

It seems a little unsupportive of your son to reinforce the idea that America was out of the cooperation business while he presided, but father and son have had their troubles in the past. And, it's true. Still, I can't help but suspect that George H. W. Bush hasn't totally signed on to this.