Sunday, December 30, 2007

Climate Change, specifically in California

You can do many things to help slow down global warming, including planting trees near your house to help shade it and reduce your energy use. You can also drive your car less, buy energy-efficient appliances and recycle.
Well, I guess I'm done, then. No seriously, it's a nice article. It's not nearly as alarmist as I am, but somebody's out there enforcing journalistic standards, whereas I can saw whatever I please, really with the only risk being the NSA putting a bullet in my head. Or Google closing the blog.

It's got three slideshows and a fair amount of framing text. The slideshow captions are just assembled facts from around the literature, and some are using 2005's "The World Won't End Until After 2100" paradigm, but it's still a nice overview.

It's written with a California focus -- although it backs up to national and global frames -- so there's some discussion of the wine country, the port of Los Angeles and skiing. Here's a little cluelessness.
Among the earliest and most noticeable casualties is expected to be California's ski season.
"There's always plenty of snow, but you may just have to go out of state for it," said Rinda Wohlwend, 62, who belongs to two ski clubs in Southern California. "I'm a very avid tennis player, so I'd probably play more tennis."
You do have to admire her adaptability.

Oh, the comments. There's a lot of "Hah! You people are believing the imaginary climate change." Come on. Even George Bush has given up on denying it. One genius thinks moving out of the way as sea levels rise is a great solution. Actually, I brought this up because I saw a comment that read "To all you who believe this sky-is-falling BULL**** let me sell you a condo on Atlantis" and I thought it was "... in Atlanta," which would have been pretty funny. "Believe corporatist lies now because they've worked so poorly for you in the past." But, ah, it turns out that's not what he said. Remember my lack of jounalistic standards?*

* -- sorry, I was just watching a rerun of the panel on the future of media Joshua Micah Marshal mentions here on C-Span. Yes, I watch C-Span reruns, but I still feel like I have a full life.

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nephos said...

Yeah, nice article. Makes the apocalypse sound manageable.

I'm banking on sky-rocketing economic inflation myself. It's hard to swamp airports without requiring currency devaluation.