Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hillary's Enemies working at the Economist

Now, we've spoken of Senator Clinton's enemies before. And I want to be clear I don't count myself as one -- I don't agree with her on many issues, and I don't think she'll be the nominee or elected president, but I do think it's possible I'll date her daughter, and I don't want any unpleasantness.

While your typical Economist reader is used to its "The Republicans are destroying America/It's vitally important the Americans elect Republicans" dichotomy, this excerpt from an article about presumptive nominee Mike Huckabee was pretty egregious.
In a poll by YouGov/Polimetrix for The Economist (full results here), Republicans rated him the most honest candidate and Americans rated him the most moral of either party (see chart: Hillary Clinton was rated the least honest, and, after Mr Giuliani, the least moral).
So, go ahead. See chart.

This could just as well have read "Mr Giuliani was rated the least moral, and, after Hillary Clinton, the least honest." Which might have been a little more relevant as it's Rudy Giuliani running against Governor Huckabee.

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