Monday, November 05, 2007

Salon warns the Democratic Presidential candidates are neither on your side

So, you know that the leading Democratic presidential candidates seem to treat the current administration and the decisions of the past 7 years as if they made some sort of sense. The top three were all in the Senate at some point, so they have some shared responsibility for the various tragedies we've enacted as a country.

But, Salon points out in the linked article, they're farther gone that you think. Go ahead and take a quiz meant to match you with a presidential candidate. I gave the most moderate possible answers (although they did skew somewhat right, such as "should we make Bush's tax cuts for the rich permanent, or find some other regressive tax scheme?") and ended up with
  1. Mike Gravel
  2. Dennis Kucinich
  3. Ron Paul
So ... only the first two are Democrats. Ron Paul gets enough press that you might forget that. I changed my answer on what to do about illegal immigration, and changed #3 to Chris Dodd on this quiz, which was substantially the same.

I imagine that everyone feels pretty much as I do, which means Democracy is broken. Voters aren't sure what positions candidates have or even what parties they're in, they just latch on to one candidate and stick with. This seems like a hard problem to fix.


nephos said...

Woah, I got exactly the same. I bet the system is rigged. I can't imagine being philosophically aligned with Malechem.

Who's Mike Gravel?

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

I've mentioned Senator Gravel before. He's a liberal Senator from Alaska, but he was a Senator for twenty five years until 1982ish. So, his former policy work ended roughly with Carter, and he was a liberal when the political dialogue was somewhat more to the left, so he comes off as a little crazy, what with his talk of addressing climate change and not invading arbitrarily selected foreign countries.