Friday, November 30, 2007

A little insight from the YouTube GOP Debate

The link's to TPM's digest of the Republican Debate. At a minute from the end (or 10:15 in) Buzz Brockway from Lawrenceville, GA, states
By staying in Iraq, we provide long term stability to the region, we provide support for our allies, and we act as a deterrent to the troublemakers in the region
I seriously didn't think anyone believed this. I had no idea why people supported the war, but those sound like good acts. If you were foolish enough to think they were true, I guess that might be worth a trillion dollars a year.

More to the point, I was agog at hearing that vocalized. I look at polls and see there are people who support the Occupation of Iraq, but I can never understand where they're coming from. But, Buzz was pretty clear. I wonder why he thinks that stuff. Actually, I sort of wonder which allies we're supporting -- the rest of the Coalition of the Willing? -- how big this 'region' is, and who the troublemakers are. But, allies are good and troublemakers are bad, so I can kind of see where Buzz is coming from.

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