Monday, July 10, 2006

Who, under the present circumstances, wants to become a Presbyterian?

In the linked Op-Ed "Liberal Christianity is paying for its sins," Charlotte Allen points out that as a church seeks metaphysical truth and tries to engage fundamental realities of human existence, it ditches the easy answers and heavy-handed semiotics which appeal to the main-stream church-goer. Really, people like to know whom to condemn and have comforting rituals to go through, the don't want to spend a lot of time reflecting on the nature of God. The Presbyterians need a good marketing campaign.

She also got a guffaw out of me with her phrase 'the laughingstock of the blogosphere.' This should be roughly at the bottom of the list of things you worry about being. Really, Congressmen do stupid stuff because other congressmen make fun of them, and everyone at some point or another lets the corporate news media shame them into overriding their better judgment, but the blogosphere?

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