Friday, July 21, 2006

Brave New Theaters

So, I just got a news release from Brave New Theatres, an emerging network of viewing rooms that show "movies that matter" -- mostly about how our government sells us out to corporate America.

Now, I am completely behind telling this story again and again in different ways until everyone has internalized the problem and it has been solved. So, I'm on board with this project, and the first three of the four listed initial movies are pretty much in that line -- what wonderful people evangelical christians actually are when you get to know them, why we should rescue house pets in disasters, stories of Iraq -- but the last one reminded me of Steve Martin's demand for "one million dollars, a getway car, and I want the letter 'M' stricken from the English language."

One unexpected problem beseiging America (which might explain the Seattle Stadia):

From Alex R. Mayer
Paul Alien is the film that proves Seattle billionaire Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft and the creator of Seattle's Science Fiction Museum, is collaborating with space aliens hell-bent on seizing control of earth. Why did these alien overlords select Paul Allen to be their front man? In an era where the disparity between rich and poor is ever-widening, why are private corporate interests allowed to secretly hire space aliens and get tax breaks to take over the world?

Paul Alien answers these questions and more while exposing the audience to Seattle's sordid economic underbelly of hobo street performers, anarchist junkies and an anti-alien resistance cell. Paul Alien contains shocking surveillance footage of Mr. Allen interacting with strange looking two-foot-tall alien creatures, known as 'Skoolabugs' and from the planet Zorkon. And, in a rare interview, media-shy Paul Allen admits that he plans to turn Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood into an intergalactic launch pad.
Learn more, watch the trailer, buy the DVD, and host a screening

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