Saturday, July 29, 2006

More on obesity

Slate today warns against reaching for the easy answers on causes of obesity. This piece was based on a University of Alabama at Birmingham study, so a big shout out to UAB! Contributing factors less obvious that bad food and sedentary lifestyles may include...
  1. Inadequate sleep -- this can apparently make you fat.
  2. Chemical contamination -- the environment is contaminated with endocrine-like substances.
  3. Heating and air-conditioning -- you don't burn off calories to stay warm, and the heat doesn't kill your appetite.
  4. Smoking cessation -- well, if you've quit...
  5. Medications -- Prozac, birth control pills and more promote weight gain.
The piece also contains a pithy response to problem solving by common sense: "what's obvious isn't necessarily true." This seems like a nice motto for a scientific college.

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