Wednesday, July 12, 2006

7 % of people in the US have diabetes

So, there's lots of good news today. The new NEF Happy Planet Index is out, for instance, putting us 150th in happiness among the world's industrialized countries, for which I of course blame commuting. Manhattanites are happy people.

But, what caught my eye was the efforts of Bronx Council Member Joel Rivera to force diversity into urban food choices. You might suspect he's on the payroll of Big Seaweed, but for now let's take him at his stated goal of reducing obesity.

I was sharing with some Alabaman friends that -- due largely to Bronxian contributions -- New York had a 10% diabetes rate (it's actually 12.5 %, but there we were without a browser,) and they mocked me. Apparently, it's higher in Alabama. But, just 7 % overall, so we can still feel terrible about our standing.

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