Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wind Energy Available

I went to Birdbath Bakery on 1st Avenue today, and there was a guy there doing Wind Energy signups. I pay 6 % more for electricity, and my power utility is obligated to purchase enough wind energy to cover my use.

Actually, that's how I thought it would work, so I asked Justin Vernon of New Wind Energy if that were so, and he said 'yes.' But, actually? People often just say 'yes.' Let's see what the web page says... apparently, it's on a utility by utility basis. But, this is what Con Ed says:
ConEdison Solutions is leading the way in promoting pollution-free electricity by offering WIND... Power - clean, 100% renewable power. Instead of drawing on traditional power sources, such as nuclear power and fossil fuel sources... WIND Power is composed of electricity exclusively generated from 100% wind power. The benefit of clean energy is that it produces none of the detrimental environmental effects associated with electricity production that results in air emissions..

ConEdison Solutions is committed to making a difference in the environment and together we have the opportunity to help make a powerful impact. The cost for renewable energy has fallen dramatically in recent years and is only a fraction higher than electricity generated from traditional power sources. ConEdison Solutions'... WIND Power is an additional 2.5 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) more than our standard offer. Upgrading to renewable energy makes a difference and is a very affordable way to show that you care about the future of our environment
ConEdison Solutions is a subsidiary of Con Ed. New Wind Energy is the domain name for Iderbola Renewables' Community Energy. As near as I can tell, what they do is help utility companies come up with these programs, for which the parent company sells windmills. Sounds good to me.

Sign up for wind!

Update: cheaper wind option

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Mr. Sustainable said...

As a passionate environmentalist, I am fully in favor of wind power. While the industry has not solved the problem of collisions with birds to my full satisfaction, avian mortality now is down below 1% on average. That makes it a technology which everyone should advocate!