Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Comcast Acquires Plaxo!

Well, clearly Pulse signalled some desparation on Plaxo's part, so it's not surprising that they were added to somebody's portfolio. But, Comcast? Do they have any other applications? Is this really where they want to start with social networking?

Here's Comcast's web site. Scroll down to the bottom and look under 'Quick Links.' They call Plaxo 'Universal Address Book' -- I think Plaxo's dream of maintaining it's independent branding is just that. 'Travel' is a travel search engine aggregator, everything else is a branded version of a popular online application. The Comcast portal is pretty thin -- I'm not being critical, it just hasn't been a focus.

This seems like an odd place to start. But, more power to them. I'll decide in the next couple of days how intent I'm going to be on destroying all of the data I already have on Plaxo.

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