Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Foreclosure Tours In New York!

via Housing Bubble Blog, via Newsday

In the inaugural tour, up to 30 investors and house hunters are expected to be bused Saturday to about 10 vacant homes in Nassau, including Stewart Manor and Hicksville, with agents on the bus to e-mail and fax bids to the banks involved.


Foreclosure Tours International... will start trips in New York City next month and has a north New Jersey one in the works.

The tour, originally $50 per person, has been reduced to $25 for the final seats. On the bus or in the houses, various experts will be at hand for short presentations and questions. That includes a general contractor to give estimates of repairs, an appraiser, a home inspector, an attorney, Wells Fargo Home Loan officers and an auctioneer who specializes in foreclosures.
Sweet! They just have co-op apartments on the June tour so far -- I'm surprised co-ops can actually go into foreclosure, but I don't pretend to understand stuff like that. Anyway, they went Saturday for $25 including lunch. Totally worth it at that price in Manhattan -- we'll put together a trip depending on what they charge.

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