Saturday, July 28, 2007

ZAreason's BigLap & The Verizon VX9800, Part 3

10:32 PM OK, now for Bluetooth.
10:43 PM I have this problem. I'm not getting the pin request. The phone doesn't seem to understand that Kijamaa wants to talk to it.
10: 56 PM This looks useful for my next Bluetooth task, which is attaching my headset. He does say the headset doesn't always respond, maybe the same is true with my phone, and the trick is to try it over and over.
11:13 PM Stopped to order dumplings and maki from a place around the corner. This is the first time I'm getting food delivered. I've also sent a message to ZAreason saying I'm seeing this bug.
11:24 PM This guy says "when "hcitool cc" is issued I do not have enough time to type "hcitool auth", so I try "hcitool cc 00:12:56:DA:BD:EA;hcitool auth 00:12:56:DA:BD:EA [MAC addresses have been changed to protect the innocent]". This creates a displayable error! "HCI authentication request failed: Input/output error". So ... the connection command locks up the antena preventing the authentication command from completing?
11:29 PM Dumplings are here. I'm going to hit the hay.


Beth said...

The simplest way to get pictures off phone:

Go to Settings and Tools
Manage Memory
Save Options
Change to Card Memory

Pics will now be saved to card instead of phone
For about 10 dollars you can buy a Scandisk reader that plugs into USP

Remove card
Insert into reader
Plug in and save your pics to disk

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

Thanks, Beth. The Canon Powershot A630 is next -- I'm less worried about it as it uses an SD card to store its pictures, and Kijamaa has an SD card reader.

But, BitPim's working great, as long as I don't try to save memos. And I already have the cable. So, I can get pictures off the phone. I'd just like to do it over bluetooth.