Saturday, July 28, 2007

ZAreason's BigLap & The Verizon VX9800, Part 1

OK, so I have two goals, really.
(1) get pictures off my phone
(2) save the addressbook off my phone.

I'm going to try it first with bluetooth, then with the USB Cable. Ready?

4:41 PM Get this page from my email
4:42 PM Navigate to it.
4:43 PM Go to the installing BitPim in Ubuntu page.
4:44 PM Download the RPM -- Ubuntu's Debian-based, and doesn't use the RedHat package manager. This'll be my first conversion from an RPM file to a Debian install package.
4:47 PM realize I don't know my superuser password.
4:54 PM learned that my first created Ubuntu account has access to sudo -i
4:56 PM is 404ing. I've got to be half a mile away in 34 minutes, so I'm thinking I'll stop this for now.
5:00 PM Started seeking other download sites for bitpim rpm.
5:00 PM There's a debian download available!
5:01 PM I think, "hey, maybe it's already installed." So, I try typing "bitpim" into a terminal window. The computer suggests to me that I try "sudo apt-get install bitpim", so I do. This seems to work really well. Heck with download links, what am I, a Windows user?

5:03 PM Computer reports it'll take another 41 minutes to download, so maybe I'd better grab that shower. Maybe the new laptop needs a name. I've historically given my laptops Swahili names -- Msafiri (traveller) and Mzito (thing that one carries) come to mind. 'Ubuntu' is from a South African Bantu language, and roughly translates into 'Ujamaa', Julius Nyerere's guiding principle for Tanzania. So, let's go with 'Kijamaa', which would be 'object that exhibits ... ah, familyness.'
5:11 PM Kijamaa finished downloading and installing bitpim six minutes ago; I got wrapped up in computer naming. And I've really go to cut this short.

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