Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tea's Tea

Itoen has started importing unsweetened tea of various flavors to Brooklyn. Now, buying iced tea in a bottle is a very yuppie thing to do, but I'm very yuppie. And I love the Golden Oolong flavor. But, its existence sort of confounds me. I gripe a lot about companies not making things to suit my taste, but who would really try to sell unsweetened smoky tea with added Vitamin C? Not only can I not imagine anyone else buying this, but I can't even understand why stores carry it.

In any case, it works for me, although they only have the green tea flavors in the 2-liter bottles. And they'l have a haiku contest in November. They (like the Haiku Society of America) do allow kumatagari and jiyuritsu haiku, but I plan to win with this:
Thirsty Summer Sun
A new need for refreshment
its smoky flavor

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