Thursday, July 12, 2007

Questions for George Miller

(1) What is the specific intent of the Democratic Congress to seek redress for the Occupation of Iraq? Companies like Blackwater, Bechtel, SAIC and KBR have been raking in the dough in the name of progress not made in Iraq. Will any effort be made to recoup these charges?
(2) What comeuppance need the Occupation of Iraq's architects and coconspirators fear? My great fear is that these base criminals after coopting the engines of our nation will be free to breathe the sweet air of liberty until their natural deaths. What comfort can you offer me?
(3) We are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens. Johns Hopkins estimated the number of extra deaths at 600,000 a year ago, well before the surge. What clear statement of accountability does the Democratic Congress intend to make?
(4) Why must our withdrawal be sugar-coated? Insisting the Iraqis govern themselves has never been more honest than Israel's similar demands of Palestine. It is clear to any observer that the government the Occupation has pasted onto Iraq will not persist longer than our presence. Pretending otherwise logically leads to our extending our engagement. In your own solicitation of these question, you claim that "Democrats in Congress are fighting ... to make sure the Iraqi people take responsibility for governing their country." The choices the Iraqis face are to govern themselves, live in anarchy, or be occupied by a diffferent country (or more likely some combination of Turkey, Iran, China and Russia.) The first choice doesn't seem the most probable. It's a bad situation, but we've created it, and I -- and I think I speak for my countrymen as well -- would simply like to see my government own that. Your characterization of the Iraqis of having somehow fallen down on the job of administering Iraq is deeply disappointing in this light. When will the Democratic Congress drop these specious onus?

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