Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Suspicious Missing Spoonerism

I finally got my liverwurst sandwich today. I know I haven't been blogging about this, but I've been jonesing for one. I worked in a deli in college, and ate liverwurst all the time. I realized the other day I hadn't had a liverwurst sandwich in years.

But, at the beginning of this process, I became aware of the cold cut counter at my local deli. And they're serving Boar's Head, the same brand we served. So, I've been aware of this brand since I was a teenager. And at that time, I engaged in many conversations about Boar's Head with other teenagers.

But, I don't recall that anyone ever made the rather obvious spoonerism. Google's only got 443 hits, and the first page has no reference to the brand of meats and cheeses.

This creates a little hole in my worldview. Ah, well, maybe it'll be complete when I hit 40.

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