Saturday, February 02, 2008

Boondocks on Happiness and Desire

It seems like you're bound to fail at anything worth doing, but you can only be truly* happy if you're doing it. So, every moment of a happy life is bound up with misery and disgrace. Ah, I love Boondocks. I'm sorry there aren't any more of them.

* -- A little Orwell humor. Or maybe I'm crazy. Didn't Orwell right a semi-autobiographical story where he was shacked up with some older woman (kind of an Alan Greenspan/Ayn Rand thing) in London creating a scandal, and his earnest friend visited him and was arguing about 'true freedom' and 'true happiness' when the Orwell-based character asked him why prepending 'true' to an abstract noun seemed to totally invert its meaning? A little help, anyone? The Google Book search, Amazon and Wikipedia are not backing me up, here. Is this not Orwell?

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