Thursday, February 21, 2008

If you don't say anything, Mr. President, I will accept that as a go for this mission

So, I'm at about 4:20:00 in Season Three of 24. Jack Bauer has called President David Palmer (America's first [of two!] black president) on his cell phone to offer to break a drug dealer out of prison and become a fugitive, in order to yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway, the President thinks this is a good idea, but balks at giving the go ahead. So, Jack gives the "I will accept that as a go" line. This would make a pretty funny "dropped call" ad -- I think they're Cingular's. Picture the President saying, "No, Jack, I appreciate the offer, but that would damage this country's integrity beyond repair and ask too much of you as an individual" and Mr. Bauer hearing... nothing.

update: I've gone on to "You've never been about what's easy. You've been about what's right. That's who the people elected to lead them." I think I want to go live with the television electorate.

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