Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Last post on the Half Marathon (before pictures come)

I ranked -- um, runk? was ranked -- 8261/9920. So, while one might say I was in the top 90 %, or even the top 85 %, it's more exact to say I was in the top 83.27621 %, very nearly in the vaunted top 83.25 %. The point is, this was for all intensive porpoises the same as winning. Really, in any competitive endeavor there are two types of people, the top five-sixths and the rest.

I was 4647/5162 for men, and 1918/2060 among 30-39-year-old men, so I was essentially back with the elderly and infirm. While one thinks of marathoning as a sport for the middle-aged, there were only 771 men aged 40 - 44, which suggests that absolute rank will come down significantly in the future.

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