Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Brave Combo

Finally saw Brave Combo, and I bought their new CD -- two of them, in fact, but I gave the other to the friend I went with. Otherwise, I'd totally give it to you.

I told frontman Carl Finch this story, so I'll tell you. I read about them in some magazine -- maybe Rolling Stone -- a progressive rock polka band, whose first tour was of Texan Insane Asyla. So, I went to my local record store, off South Street in Philadelphia -- to buy some music. And all they had was a demo cassette they'd been sending around to record stations, and that someone had illegally resold to this store.

So, I bought it. And I've been a fan since. But, I'm the sort of a fan who pays no attentions whatsoever, so about three and a half years ago I fell in with this crowd that told me Brave Combo was still touring! And had a kind of an alt alt following! And I was thrilled!

Tonight was the first time I saw them live. I was utterly delighted. These guys are solely responsible for the resurgence of the accordion, and in fact the one performing accordionist I know has opened for them.

So happy.

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Brad said...

Bro, thanks for the invite -- we'd've loved to come, but happened to be at the Bowery Ballroom that very night at a They Might Be Giants concert!

Next time, though, it's a date.