Thursday, October 30, 2008

Validated Again

Nephos suggested I start noting all the times that I was right, is why this is coming up so much. I forget why. It's actually kind of time consuming.

In any case, I noticed on StillBlog that not only had Major League Baseball decided to keep on playing even without the Red Sox, but that the Phillies had won.

You'll recall that when Walter Shapiro asserted in
Samuel Alito is a passionate fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, a baseball team so star-crossed that it has won the World Series exactly once (1980) in the past century.
I'd responded
[T]he Phillies aren't unlucky. They've just never been dominant.
So... right again.

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nephos said...

Well, sorry. But we look for validation that visiting your blog is worth our time. Absent any other sources of media, your views of your ability to predict the future are all we have to go on.

Listen to Rush. He's the expert at self-validation and look at his following.