Monday, October 20, 2008

That's Not Party Building We Can Believe In


Update: This turns out to have been totally misguided. She's clearly identified as the Green Party presidential candidate all over her web page. I don't know if it just wasn't there when I checked, or I simply missed it. I'm probably laying my continuing sense of betrayal from Ralph Nader at Cynthia McKinney's door, which is patently unfair.

Cynthia McKinney is the Green Party Candidate for President, and I'm going to vote for her, as I'm a straight party line voter.

But, and I didn't make any bones about this in the nomination process, I don't particularly think she'd make a good president. I'm voting for her only becuase she's my party nominee.

Now, Cynthia has started sending out a lot of desperate communiques, saying she needs more money, she needs more volunteer time, and she doesn't understand why she'd not getting it.

For my part? I don't understand why the word 'Green' doesn't show up in a search of her campaign home page. She's cobbled together a coalition to lose with. You don't need a coalition to lose! You can lose on your own. And you're not going to get a lot of party activist support if you cast yourself as the leader of a movement and accept whatever presidential candidate nominations are lying around.


mark said...

Thanks for responding. But if I may be allowed to interpret, it sounds like you're peeved with the way things have worked out with Cyndi and her campaign. Sorta like John Lennon when he got back from India.

PS these word verifications are getting to be bears... I mean, "fciwohpn"..... Really!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you visiting from the McKinney campaign? Well, you're welcome.

I was trying to send out meeting requests with Yahoo! Calendar and it took me several tries to work out what the images said. I gave up and went back to Outlook.