Monday, October 13, 2008

Please Don't Provoke the President

Keep in mind that we have a President who, at the very least, created opportunities for terrorist attacks for the first 8 months of his presidency so that he could claim special powers when one happened, and also invaded a whole other country to help his party in the 2002 midterm elections. In light of that, is this really responsible writing?
[I]f [McCain] does [catch up] it would probably be as a result of a mistake by Obama or some sort of national-security crisis rather than anything McCain does for himself.
We should be really clear here. A national security crisis is not going to help John McCain -- he's not someone people are inclined to turn to in a crisis anymore. Even if there were a crisis impeding Senator Obama's ability to serve, it would help Joe Biden electorally. I'm not super sure what would happen if Senators Obama and Biden were taken out, but I do not think that a McCain presidency would be the most likely result.

And, furthermore, I don't think the President's strong enough to suspend the constitution and stay in office. I don't see that ending well. Seriously, focus on destroying the evidence of your crimes. You can't stay, and you can't put McCain in.


nephos said...

I guess he still has a couple more months to bomb somewhere. Canada is close.

But didn't the president kind of already suspend the constitution, by creating the environment that necessitated that government buy out banks, effectively socializing commercial enterprise?

Not that socialism is a bad thing, but there must be a conspiracy somewhere in this.

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

I think for it to count as a conspiracy, it would have to have some subtlety, other than, "Please give me 700 Billion dollars to hand out to myself and my friends who've run their consipiracy into the ground."
Before Paulsen realized there was nowhere on the globe he'd be able to hide, I think that was the plan. Congress let him go Swedish model with the expectation that he would eventually get to that realization, I imagine.

Rionn Fears Malechem said...
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mark said...

hey.... Bush is not Putin.....nor is America Russia.....

Anonymous said...

While they're both close to Canada, I think Nephos was clear on the difference. Also, Medvedev is the president of Russia now. You might think he's Putin's puppet, but the comparison is Bush/Medvedev. Or Cheney/Putin.