Monday, April 30, 2007

Garry Trudeau gloats a little

With some awareness of a shift in national consensus, Doonesbury reruns a strip from October 19 of 2002, when we were still preparing to mass troops at the Kuwait border and before inspectors had been withdrawn. Mark Slackenmeyer reminds Ari Fleischer
  • There's no real Al Qaeda link
  • The Iraqi Army's been decimated
  • Saddam Hussein has not been able to shoot down a US Jet
He asserts there's no provocation. Now, people who supported the war and now realize they were in error form about 60 % of the pollable electorate. So, Mr. Trudeau's "Nyah nyah nyah" targets a lot of people. But, I'm not sure it's so wrong. Keeping quiet or pretending there was some truth on either side didn't work.

It's hard not to openly mock reformed war supporters. We've sat here for 4 1/2 years, wondering what could ever be going on in the heads of our countrymen. And, so now when they say, "Oh, yeah. I guess that didn't make any sense. I must have been tricked," it's a little hard not to scream at them. That we went to war based on lies should have been heard by anyone with ears. I still don't know how so many people participated in their own deluding, and I imagine Garry Trudeau was a little bemused himself.

We can forgive him a mean little dig. I would just like to find some way to keep this from happening again, and to destroy the tools used by the Bush Administration's controllers* to subvert our democracy.

* -- um, does that make me sound like a conspiracy theorist? How many conspiracies do we have to expose before conspiracy theorism gets disassociated from paranoia?

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