Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Selectiveness at Speed Dating v. Online

Try to look past John Tierney's attempts at original content and focus on his references. Speed Dating, I feel, combines the worst of random pickups -- there's no filter, you'll only meet other drinkers (as the events are generally in bars), and you're very much on display to other women while talking to one -- with some of the bad aspects of online dating, to wit the women are unvetted, you're in an intensive competitive environment, and you have to communicate your value pretty compactly. While I was pretty excited about speed dating, I think it's pretty appropriate within a synagogue or other small community, for which it was designed.

I think the results that Tierney quotes here are reinforcing -- since I like to be right, I'm passing it on.

Also, check the sidebar for some good references on mate selection with the new dating models*.

* -- I just put 'dating models' in my posts to increase my hits on Google ;)

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