Sunday, January 07, 2007

Still no phone

I'm starting to lose my initial delight at having my Lucky Goldstar VX9800 replaced with an VX9900. I had already given the phone over a week to show up on its own, so I've been without for going on 16 days -- without my fancy convergence device, I can't read my email during the day, which has been causing all sorts of problems.

Asurion calls me every three days and tells me the equipment is still on backorder. Are there manufacturing problems, or are they just waiting for the price to come down? LG apparently hasn't scheduled an IR call since August, so there may be something bad happening in Korea*.

Part of my increasing grumpiness at waiting for the replacement phone is the parlous state of the phone I'm using now. The whole reason I didn't give it to my mother was that the buttons became somewhat unreliable after the last time I dropped it. Besides the fact that it's hard to go back to T9 once you've been using QWERTY.

So, waiting....

* -- No, I know. I'm just making fun of the website. But, they do seem to post news pretty rarely.


Anonymous said...

You could call them and demand a comparable model if it has been that long. They are open 24/7

1-800-641-0019 for VzW

Anonymous said...

Im in the exact same v9800 has water damage and i am waiting for the 9900...I made this claim befor the new year.

Is there any way to find out when this will happen?

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

I did exactly what the other anonymous said. They came up with a VX9800M for me.

Anonymous said...

add me to that list. submitted my claim before the new year. get a call every once in a while saying it's still backordered (vx9900). but they have the 9800m. `