Thursday, January 04, 2007

An astrological reading

Went to tonight, and got a Juno sign, which is supposed to indicate what sort of romantic partner I am. Now, I was told I have a rising sign in Aquarius, which prevents me from putting any stock in Astrology, however I heard tonight of the study. There's apparently a correlation between your sun sign and your insurance risk; while one would expect Taureans to be the lowest risk, we are actually middle of the pack on both tickets and accident. Despite this flaw, the study encouraged me to give Astrology another chance. I was warned off by its exhortation to wise women to get a reading, and was later notified that ...

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This was the sort of people we're dealing with. But, I charged ahead. This is it:
Your Juno is in Scorpio

Some may think you a bit unkind, darting from flower to flower and breaking plenty of hearts before you commit to just one person. That's not it at all; you're just very choosy and will think long and hard before you choose the partner who will be yours for the long haul. In fact, you are wonderful at committing yourself to lengthy relationships and are extraordinarily loyal once you've decided on your course. You won't change your mind and will hang onto a relationship until the last dying end, in which case your acumen and choosiness come in very handy. Why stay in a rotten relationship? You fight to keep the relationships which are valuable to you instead. You have a tendency to be a bit emotionally controlling but your strong points are your sensuality, your intensity, your attention to both the physical and emotional sides of love. Your partner is likely to be someone with a little mystery or a few secrets but a wise Juno in Scorpio chooses a partner who is giving, one who doesn't withhold affection or information in the interest of wielding power.
Well, I do stay in relationships far too long. And I have found specifically that this business of withholding information in the interest of wielding power is somewhat grating. But, I have to wonder which Juno signs are set on the trail of parsimonious withholders.

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