Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Please share your story concepts

Well, Brad's suggested maybe another posting on theSpoof. Now, when last we visited the website, it was barely holding together as an enterprise, and I was more or less forced to create my own venue. This blog is somewhat more conducive to logorrhea than full on satire, though, and the spoof writing was worthwhile. Remember this classic? Ah.

Last October, Paul Lowton came back to theSpoof. I've just found out about it. So, maybe we'll see if we can't put something together. What is there left to write about, though? Hasn't every absurd possibility come to pass? Think of these great satire titles
  • NOAA attributes balmy Manhattan Winter to El Niño
  • Bush thinks 20,000 more troops is the ticket
  • Corporate economists claim housing slump over, nothing to worry about
  • Saddam Hussein executed by Shi'ite extremists
  • Condoleeza Rice to replace Cheney, lower impeachment risk cited
  • Democrats win office, promise to reduce corruption
¡Dios Mío!

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