Monday, June 26, 2006

ZIP 11?

I was just over at Congresspedia trying to see what it said about my elected representatives. After a frustrating bout with their address entry form, I saw the simpler Zip-9 form? Remember Zip 9? It was a classic operations tragedy -- by the time the US Post Office had gotten their new addressing standard through its various approval bodies and deployed to postal customers, sorting machines had improved to the point where it was irrelevant. Ah, shed a tear.

The upshot of this is, I don't know my Zip 9 because it doesn't help me at all to know it. So, to fill out this form I clawed through a nearby stack of my unopened mail to see if any industrious correspondents had looked it up for me.

I discovered a credit card company had done this very thing. But, there were two extra zeroes on the end.

At first I giggled at their over-engineering -- clearly they're trying to save on billing from Pitney Bowes' professional services department should there be any upcoming zip code extensions. But, what if they know something I don't?

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