Friday, June 02, 2006

Send Sandbags

Free map viewer linked! Click 'elevation' and then that point to see how high a point is. It takes about 30 seconds to tell you, which is the trick. You have to be very patient, and don't close the popup.

So, my grasp of mathematics seems to suggest that if Greenland raises the sea surface level 20 feet, and Antartica raises it 20 feet, they'll together raise it 40. Now, this is somewhat incorrect, because as the water rises, it'll spread out -- if water's covering 90% of the globe it'll rise slower than if it's covering 70, and it might rise high enough to reach some sizeable canyons, which are dry only due to their isolation.


Imagine that those non-Manhattan coastlines are 40 ' verticals. Then I'm hosed! I'm only at 32' altitude. I'll have to move. Those bastards over at Park Avenue are fine.

I hate moving.

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