Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Aggressive Apologism in Movie Reviews

This stuff is so pervasive that it's clear the intent is to leave no safe haven for criticism of the government. I'm not suggesting there was any reason to remake "The Omen" -- I didn't see the original -- but when the review starts off
All remakes are needless, but this update of "The Omen" is especially so
Don't you kind of know that eventually the reviewer is going to mention that the film criticizes President Bush*? And the AP's Christy Lemire does not disappoint
But in the most feeble effort at modernizing the material, this "Omen" vaguely attempts to be politically relevant. A montage of photographs at the start suggests that the devil is everywhere, all the time -- on Sept. 11, at Abu Ghraib, etc.
The AP has gotten repeatedly called out for this business with Senator Reid. But, clearly, they're not folding up their partisan tent quite yet.

* Used as a synecdoche, of course

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