Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Government Provided Fun for Kids!

You might not expect the United States Patent and Trademark Office to have kids' pages on its web site, but that's just because you're close-minded. It makes sense! Maturity is really a process of ceasing to wonder about things that don't directly concern you. Kids are all little engineers, wanting to know how things like trains, quartz crystal displays and representative democracy work. The USPTO is full of this sort of thing, so there's a natural consonance.

So, take a look. I'll wait.

Had enough? Did phrases like "Below are diagrams explaining how to read these notations," not reawaken your childish sense of wonder?

Obviously, this page is meant for adults who shamefully can't intuit how to navigate patent and trademark archives. My guess is that it's labeled "kid's pages" so that the USPTO can't be accused of condescending to inventors. The informations's there, but as unto Christ, one must come unto the USPTO as a child.

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Brad said...

This was classic stuff. Bravo!