Monday, June 30, 2008

All the action seems to be in the Eastern Pacific


Tropical cyclones seem to be forming in the Eastern Pacific, instead of the Atlantic. This is good, because that's farther from me, but it's odd. We've got, as of this writing, Tropical Storms Cristina and Boris roiling around off Baja, and another tropical depression forming. If this gets to be three simultaneous tropical depressions, that may be a July record for the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Wikipedia's Tropical Cyclones Portal only goes back to 2003 for timelines, and shows that Bud, Carlotta and Daniel just failed to make it in 2006.

In any case, we're going to keep our attention firmly focuses on the Atlantic. As of a month ago, the level of activity in the Eastern Pacific was supposed to be below normal, with 11 - 16 storms. It's already looking like September out there.

update:This didn't happen. The last advisory has been issued on Cristina. Still, I'm having trouble believing we'll get to January with only 13 more storms.

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