Sunday, October 29, 2006

Shivved by the spam email

Oh, so I met this girl on the internet. One of your challenges with the internet dating is to pick a first date place, and my great idea was to go to Build a Bear. We never actually went to Build-a-Bear, but the idea gained some currency in our relationship. It was always the kind of place we might go, and sort of a touchstone.

So, we dated for several months, I fell in love with her, and the relationship eventually collapsed under the stresses we put on it. This was unfortunate, and made me quite sad. I still have a suitcase she asked me to bring on a trip, which I have filled with things to return to her. I called her yesterday, to try to arrange a drop, and it turned out it was still too early. My Hallward sobbed madly.

I get home (I was out buying wood expanding solution -- I know that sounds like an ED treatment, but I was just fixing some furniture) and who has spammed me? Join the Build-a-Bear Workshop® Friends Club.

Spam! My old nemesis. This round is yours.

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Brad said...

We were really sorry to hear about this -- you guys seemed like a great couple. :(