Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bill O'Reilly's a freaking genius

The truth of it is, a reasonable person can't believe what you're saying
So, that's David Letterman's take on Bill O'Reilly. And this is largely true. But! During this interview, O'Reilly notes that if we leave a non-stable Iraq, Iran will take it over. So, the choice is:
  1. Keep enough troops in the middle of that bloody chaos to deter an Iranian invasion
  2. Pull out and let Iran stabilize the country.
Now, the Bush Administration keeps defending its use of the tools of a dictator by noting that Iraq's a difficult to manage place. But, Iran would be way better at it. I think that O'Reilly's right: the best solution for Iraq is for us to leave and try to reach rapproachment with Iran. Turkey would have to change its thinking about the Kurds before it could annex Kurdistan, which would make this a better solution, but I hold out hope. Iranian Shias have a long history of coexisting with (well, oppressing, but it is a dictatorship) Sunnis, so I think the problem there is overblown.

Wouldn't you rather help fund an Iranian restoration of Iraq than keep throwing lives and money into a worsening situation? This is a great idea.

Pass it on.

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