Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Mark of the Beast

It's simply no longer possible for a Christian to deny that RFID could be the mark of the beast. Now, I'm not for or against the end times, but this is something I heard: that the Christian Science Monitor exists -- and is a great paper -- because somebody believed that watching world events carefully and analyzing them honestly was the best way to detect the rise of the Antichrist. And for some reason, this justifies their spending money backing Gore up on saying that CFC regulation worked, and the ozone layer is recovering.

I asked about this at the Mary Baker Eddy library (there's a tour) and my tour guide denied it. But, still.

Anyway, the idea is, by looking at world events with one eye on the Revelation to John, you can predict the Second Coming. Is Tom DeLay the dragon, and George Bush the beast? It's dantean musings like that that one imagines the Monitor was put together to debunk.

We have been able to send fire from heaven to earth since the invention of the ICBM, although maybe we're waiting for Star Wars to deploy. This was one of the things suggesting that Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6) might be the beast, as he was shot and lived. Still, a bullet's more like a sling stone than a sword. But, that was one technical hurdle down.

We all got calculable numbers with the social security administration, but you'd have to do some contortions to get to 666. I think men have some new numbers coming. We can definitely see the drying up of the Euphrates and various new diseases coming down the pike with climate change.

In any case, RFID. The mark of the beast -- on your right wrist* or forehead, required for commerce, and presenting the possibility of infection -- is being proposed as a possible solution for tracking immigrants. This is wrong. I want to be clear about that. And I would expect that registered sex offenders get them first. But, it does show that one more technical hurdle (now that we have PayPass) to the Millenium has been lifted. So, we can start letting that anticipation build.

Just don't get a commerce implant.

* -- hand, in the linked Holman translation

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