Monday, May 01, 2006

Lowest Presidential Approval Rating ever

I know you're watching the presidential approval ratings slide, and maybe starting to feel like crazy upside down world is coming to an end, and we'll be able to start addressing issues that matter to the country, although we have some surprise new ones, like an unmotivated, directionless foreign occupation and a legislature apparently full of criminals.

But, since Mr. Bush is unequivocally the worst president ever -- and I don't mean that in any partisan sense, but by any metric you care to use -- we can't think we're out of the woods until he has the lowest approval ratings ever. And it turns out he's got about ten points left to go.

23 % is the lowest, for President Truman. Thank to this blog for the tip. CNN/Fox/Pew/NBC have the President at 32/33/35/36. His NBC 'very favorable' rating is at 19 %, the lowest its been since we was elected. Interestingly, 47 % of the country, according to CNN, rates him competent. Whatever they think he's trying to do, apparently they
  • think he's succeeding
  • don't like it
I still think that thing is to discredit the idea of a federal government, but I don't want to project.

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