Saturday, November 29, 2008

Samantha Power back in Obama's good graces

Phew. I don't know why Samantha Power called Senator Clinton a monster. But, I was distressed to see her dropped from the campaign. Now, she's back, working for Mrs. Clinton herself. That's got to be a little awkward, but Hillary Clinton was running in some part on her thick-skinned-ness.


mark said...

Hi! just wanted to now your thoughts on this:

A Comment From a Reader on Free Trade
December 1, 2008 by jessfields

Oh - enjoy your Kindle!!!

Anonymous said...

If any other readers want to check that out, this is the link. But, I don't recommend it. It's wooly-headed free-marketeerism from somebody who doesn't understand how neoimperialism works.

I guess I should just reel off talking points from John Perkins and Joseph Stiglitz, but I figure if you cared about the issue, you'd have read their sites (linked).

If we don't get a hurricane soon, I'll just be reduced to telling people who bought real estate I told you so, and neoimperialism is a fine new focus. But, I'm not talking about it now.