Thursday, November 06, 2008

24 days left in hurricane season

Paloma? Have you ever met anyone named Paloma? Wait, let's look on Facebook... Apparently, there was a Chilean girl on Survivor Gabon by that name. Or, is. I don't know if Survivor is still being made, if it's currently in season, or if Gabon is this year. But, that's not germane. The point is, there are people named Paloma. And the people who name hurricanes watch a lot of TV.

Anyway, Paloma is about to crush Cuba under her glittery jackboot heel.

I don't feel good about making predictions about when the hurricanes will actually start coming, as I don't have any model for doing so, and wouldn't put data in it if I had. But, life's not about feeling good. And I feel like we're going to have another late December, early January stormfest.


Beth said...

Paloma Picasso!

mark said...

Hey, would you remind me when you think the world's environmental crisis will reach critical mass? We were discussing that at the Gap.

Anonymous said...

I apologize if I gave you the impression that it hasn't yet. To all intensive porpoises, we are currently in a number of positive feedback loops that don't need any more external forcing. Although we're doing that, too.

I kind of think of cataclysm as vast instantaneous injections of slush from Greenland causing global tsunamis. That's still some ways off, I think decades. But, we've got desertification, starvation, species extinction, disease encroachment, all that wonderful stuff happening now.

Anonymous said...

And, sorry, but by 'environmental crisis' I read 'climate crisis.' We have a number of other environmental crises to worry about, but I don't tend to think about them much. I trained as a physicist, so stability + heat = catastrophe is as much as I can do.

Anonymous said...

I looked this Paloma Picasso of yours up in Wikipedia. I'd heard of her dad. Ironically, I'd sent an email to Tiffany (not in order to buy any readers jewelry; I want to forestall any mis-set expectations,) where she works, shortly before your comment.

mark said...

"kind of....."

you're slipping

and thanks.

mark said...


well, salmon-ali-kum to you!

mark said...

The world is going to face a major crisis sometime in the next 4 years. Major. Unavoidable. You heard it here first. Get ready.

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

I think I actually heard that from John McCain first, 'The world will test Barack Obama, but it will just kind of leave me alone.'

But, I think we're all trying to just forget the presidential campaign ever happened.