Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Snap Crackle Pop

Continuing to indulge in my new hobby of coopting corporate jingles, I've turned to my favorite jingle, the Rice Krispies madrigal -- there's a tension between the integrity of the doggerel and the content of the message, but the original had the lyric 'beets pickle,' so it's a hard problem.

Snap, hey those traps abound!
The military broken, too much ground to pound
Torture flap, no time to nap
all o'er the map, raise the age cap
Snap is going to bring us down

The ice floes crackle and bears are drowned
Katrina left New Orleans in a dirty mound
Caps fickle, Papers trickle, UN stickle, Coal pickle
Crackle is going to bring us down

For the housing bubble, Pop's the sound
That lets us know we're economically unsound
Loose lending chop, housing starts stop, the dollar flops, we all push mops
Pop is going to bring us down

(now sing all the verses at once. You can't do it alone.)

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