Friday, October 26, 2007

The New York Times wonders why Californians burn their houses down.

Charles P. Ewing, a forensic psychologist and law professor at the State University of New York in Buffalo, said the fires were sure to catch the attention of people inclined to arson.

They are likely the ones following the fires very closely, Mr. Ewing said. Then, it’s not uncommon for arsonists to engage in copycat activity or to piggyback on a naturally occurring fire.

Arson experts said juveniles, who are believed to be behind about half of intentional fires, are often curious about fire but do not intend to cause cataclysmic harm. Adults’ motivations are more complex.

Sometimes, Mr. Ewing said, arsonists actually derive sexual pleasure from committing the act, while others are seeking attention and may participate in extinguishing the very fires they light.
Hmm. Yeah. Adults. Complex. Oh, right, the New York Times is still pretending that the housing bubble was something they were totally justified in ignoring. But, sexual pleasure? Is it just possible that for every two homeowners who burned down their investment property to get their rocks off, one did it to pay off his mortgage with his insurance?

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