Sunday, December 10, 2006

Kenneth Pinyan

I was clearing out old emails, and ran across a thread on Kenneth Pinyan, the Boeing Engineer who was video-recorded being killed by a horse. (ed. Please read the comments before clicking the link)It's not for the squeamish -- and perhaps only for the totally squeamless. Are you back? Do you remember I said it wasn't for the squeamish?

Mr. Pinyan, the linked story relates, inspired an anti-bestiality law. This is probably because it would be hard to hire regulators (is it a job you'd want?) and it's the Washington State legislature's job to regulate things that can kill people.

But, I'm now thinking about bestiality. And I don't know that it's wrong. I'm sort of against pets, as it seems cruel to keep this degraded animal forms around us to amuse us and reassure us that it's OK nobody likes us. I'm for breeding animals for tasks, but I think it's just indulgent to breed animals as emotional crutches or ornamentation.

However, once we allow that, why not breed animals to have sex with us? Or even allow animals bred for other uses to be dual-purpose? I'm not suggesting a specific business here, I just miss what I suspect is an obvious argument against bestiality.



Nephos said...

I suspect most laws are based merely on gut reactions, rather than any logical premise. In my nihilistic conception of reality there's no justification for any law. But they intuitively seem like a good idea nonetheless.

Henry Jennings said...

There are laws against bestiality for the same reasons we have laws against animal cruelty.

Why should society allow people to take sexual advantage of captive animals? We don't let them do other, more straightforward forms of animal torture -- what the heck do you think's going through some sheep's mind when Montana Jack is buggering him or her?


Anonymous said...

I'm really, really sorry I watched that video. God, scratch my eyeballs out now! That man committed suicide as far as I'm concerned and got what he deserved.

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

Thanks for coming by the blog, Henry. Without any data, I think the most common kind of bestiality are household pets trained to lick and rub up against their owners in various ways. And I suspect these are interactions the animals start to seeks out. As far as sheep buggering in particular, I have no idea what goes through the sheep's mind. However, I've no reason to believe it's any more enjoyable to have sex with a ram. At least Montana Jack doesn't have hooves. My guess would be that the horse enjoyed killing Mr. Pinyan less than standing and doing nothing, but more than walking down a corridor with scary shadows.

But, whether a specific act of bestiality is cruel really seems like a separate issue. Animals serving any function can be treated cruelly -- I don't think bestiality has any special claim in this regard. I'm totally blowing smoke, but I would expect that any data collected around cruelty and bestiality would be hopelessly biased one way or another.

And, anon, I agree that this was an unregulated pastime with obvious mortal risk. And, as I say, I don't think sex with horses would be a particularly easy thing to regulate. Mr. Pinyan's a hard guy to pity, but I don't think of him as a suicide.

Anonymous said...

The video is both erotic and disturbing at the same time.

What makes a person think that their colon can accommodate a thirty inch erect equine penis?!

rionn & Henry J....I really don't think that the horse in the video was being taken advantage of or abused. If the positions were reversed then yes, it would have been. The guy receiving the horse was the one abusing HIMSELF.

Think about where that horse's hard-on must have gone in that mans body. Do the geometry!

If you haven't watched the video.....don''s like seeing a car wreck. It scars your mind. I must confess, as I said before, it is erotic but also disturbing.

Anonymous said...

To be honest this video is extremley disturbing i kind of wish i had never watched it. I truely think that someone has got to be sick minded to even think of having sex with an animal. He killed himself as i dont know why he though his body could take the length and width of that horse. Truely sick.

Anonymous said...

why did you post that video is it real......who ever heard of a horse giving another horse a blow job I really dont uderstand the world

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

I think we can all agree that getting a blow job from a horse would be a bad idea.

I didn't post the video! I linked to the video to concretize the practice of bestiality. But, yes, there are excellent arguments against watching it, mostly involving its mind-scarring quality.

I'll try to strengthen the warning in the post. Thanks for your comments everyone!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm not REALLY sure what I was expecting by clicking on that link...maybe instead of saying that it's not for the squeamish you should say, "not for ANYONE". Is that video even legal to be online since bestiality is now illegal in the state where this incident happened?

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

OK. I tried to strengthen the warning again.

Corbin said...

Ouch!!!!!! What do you think the man was thinking right after the horse was done? OUCH! That hurt, Hey buddy can you take me to the hospital? And how do you explain that to the emergency room doctor? "Let me understand this, You did WHAT? With a horse?" Reading the story, he didn't die until he got to the emergency room. And he worked for Boeing. Sounds like he used to be a smart person. I guess he had an episode of DUHness.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Pinya is a homo who died for his stupidity. He went against good sense and morality and died for it.

Its funny to me how he seeked gratification and his death, also poor horse, if that homo had aids he could have passed it to the animal.

Anonymous said...

ummm ya that was really discusting and very wrong...
and the horse cummed so fast YUCK!

Anonymous said...

did you want the horse to last a while? and was that the video where he was killed? or lead to his death?

Anonymous said...

My buddies and I have been curious, was that horse killing that guy? I mean did he even get a trial?

Anonymous said...

Did they put the horse down?

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

Please do research the disposition of the horse and post it here. But, I don't imagine anything at all has happened to the beast. It's just had this one use criminalized -- it can still pull whatever horses pull, and turn straw into useful horse manure.

I guess it's possible that the horse, used to a steady diet of anal penetration with Boeing engineers, was shot and killed trying to get to Everett. But, I very much doubt it.

Anonymous said...

"What makes a person think that their colon can accommodate a thirty inch erect equine penis?!"

Because it did. If you do a little digging; this video does not portray the accident in question. This is a video he himself released of getting buggered by a horse.

My guess is he worked his way up to bigger horses until the fatal accident.

I can't for the life of me figure out how anyone could possibly enjoy _that_ enough to want to do it all over again, but there you go.

"...also poor horse, if that homo had aids he could have passed it to the animal."

Human Immunodefficiency Virus.

Anonymous said...


I am truly sorry I clicked on that link & watched that video...that is truly one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen.

Just absolutely disgusting on every level.

I feel not a shred of empathy or compassion for that idiot, and he completely got what he deserved...good riddance.

I'm absolutely & completely sure the world will continue to exist just fine & dandy without him, and his ridiculous little 'home videos'.

I also read somewhere that he has a

I'm sure he's terribly proud of his papa.

Can you just imagine the horrible legacy & incredible shame he has brought to his family over this? unreal.

It just really bums me out to discover how truly depraved & utterly pathetic some people are behind closed doors....just having the mindset to pursue acting on whatever base & extreme sexual deviancy that enters their little minds, because they can, and world watch out...they have camcorders (it's always so important for them to record the moment & share with friends!)

I'm sure his family are just immensely proud of the Boeing engineers' completely selfless sacrifices behind the woodshed with his favorite hoofed mammal.


Anonymous said...

To the OP -

"I just miss what I suspect is an obvious argument against bestiality"

Really? That's pretty sad. You can't figure out what's so wrong with having sex with a creature that's out of your own species?


If you really need some anonymous person online to explain it to you, then I suggest you maybe just take a long hard look in the mirror, and try to figure out exactly where your moral compass is centered in your life & logic.

If you absolutely can't differentiate between a family pet and an object of sexual gratification, then you just really need to educate yourself.

But then again, there are guys that just stick their dicks in anything with a detectable heartbeat doesn't matter to them if it has a snout, fur or tail, or hatched from an egg , and it certainly doesn't matter to them if it's the same species or not.

It's just a another warm hole to some loser schmuck trying to get off.

Animals are easy targets because they very well can't file a police report & complain about it can they?

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

Thanks for coming by the blog, anonymous person online. Are you saying that it's wrong to have sex with things that aren't people? Is it wrong to have non-procreative sex? Is it okeh to stimulate yourself with inanimate objects?

Clearly, yeah, I don't get it. The practice of bestiality is a little viscerally offputting, but so is blue cheese -- that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it, just that you're programmed to think that there is (or that you drunkenly gorged on it one very unfortunate night.)

Domesticate animals don't really choose to do the tasks we set them, but it doesn't mean they don't enjoy them in the moment. This Pinyan incident in particular is the exact opposite of sheep buggering.

Anonymous said...

It is grievously wrong to say that pets are always or even mostly-always kept around as crutches or as mere ornamentation. I don't have pets, but I know that people have them because of the love they feel from pets, which of course I think almost all of them know is not like human love, but is still great. The only problems with having a pet are symbolical and fabricated by us-- if anything, pets enjoy their lives far more than other animals, and they sure as hell don't care about the principal of the thing.

Bestiality will continue to happen as it does, illegally and often, and that's probably by far the easiest place for it to remain in our society for now and a hundred years. I don't think that this kind of bestiality is harmful to the animal in any way.

What gets me about most comments is their lack of sympathy for Mr. Pinyan. Why is there such hatred for this guy? He never asked for your forgiveness and several of you still feel the need to clarify that you would never deign to give it to him. He in fact died because of his fear of such unsympathetic people... if he hadn't feared being found out, he wouldn't have waited around, refusing to go to the hospital for three hours, dying.

Anonymous said...

I made the most recent comment, just making an edit: I said principal, I meant principle.

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

Thanks for coming by the blog. I wasn't suggesting individual pets disapprove of... pettery, or should be consulted on the practice. While it's wrong and degrading, you see enough people stay in and profess to value and enjoy wrong and degrading relationships that you have to suspect that many pets enjoy being pets.

That they're emotional crutches and that they're kept around for 'love' are one in the same. I'm not sure what your argument is.

Smokers die horrible and tragic deaths, and we pity them. But, they pretty much knew it was going to happen, leavening our pity somewhat. Mr. Pinyan and his family also deserve our compassion. Maybe I underestimate how common this practice is, but it seems to me that if you do this with enough horses, eventually you're going to meet this predictable and grisly end.

Anonymous said...

I just vomitted.

CrimesandJustice said...

Whats so crazy is that Mr. Tait who filmed Mr. Hands having sex with the horse that killed him is at it again. The video of Kenneth Pinyan having sex with the horse has made the rounds on the internet and it is hard to watch.

Anonymous said...

I dunno why but i found this arrousing... does that mean there is something wrong with me yeah i know it's wrong and not accepted into society but it doesnt change my feelings about it... pinyan knew that he was gonna walk out of that barn without some huge problems i mean a penis which looks like the best part of his length is width is gonna go into his ass and come back fine... he knew this was going to happen and maybe he got fed up with 6inch penis... I've watched it about 10times

Anonymous said...

@The Anonymous person before me: does not necessarily mean that there's something wrong with you. Some people just get turned on by the thought of sex. It happens.

Anonymous said...

watched the documentary about the incident, "ZOO" and while it was a little like an x files episode it did explain a few things. for one thing he was drunk when he did it and so was his "helper" and they apparently did it with a horse that they weren;t familiar with (ie that he hadn;t done it with before? they'd just had coffee a few times? was it a date rape gone horribly wrong? went to the stable for a chat, one thing led to another...? guess the horse didn;t know the safeword?)...just goes to show ya what can happen when you get eff'ed up & go looking for some strange...that is REALLY strange...! i mean, how does the newness wear off when your partner is a HORSE????!!!! that you gotta go foolin with other people's horses?

seriously, there is a world of sex toys out there that are a lot less dangerous, less expensive, and lower maintenance than a HORSE. including machines that will do all the work AND NOT KILL YOU IN THE PROCESS!!! (FOR REAL I SAW IT ON HBO YEARS AGO)

oh and the local law enforcement called the local animal rescue to come get the horse. the horse was gelded immediately so nobody else from the "horse-loving community" would "adopt" him for sexual purposes.

not hating but i nominate mr pinyan for a special lifetime acheivement darwin award in the "extinction due to freaky deaky-ness" category. dude wasn;t stupid he was just a super freak.

Anonymous said...

What was is early life like? Highschool College, Shortly after college. Did he ever go to a bath house?

This desire likely did not come about overnight

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this video but there clearly is quite a lot of rubbish going round about it. Firstly, so far as I understand it Pinyan was not defined as Homosexual. Secondly, how can the horse even do this thing if it did not have an erection. An erection means it was EXCITED and if it has an erection it was clearly up for it.This was not animal cruelty, how can it be, use your common sense. Farm boys in England were often caught with animals in Victorian times and my uncle told me when I was a boy, that he had watched Donkeys and girls in the middle east during the 2nd world war, it's gone on in private for years.I DO FEEL COMPASSION FOR THE POOR GUY he died through basically being over ambitious. . May he rest in peace

Anonymous said...

Why did they geld the horse afterwards. It wasn't his fault that the poor chap kicked it. Thats just like a western woman, ' cut his b***s off, put a stop to all this sex.'You can tell just by looking at her what a control freak she is and she knows as much about horses as Henry Cooper did about ballet dancing.I think the whole affair has been blown up out of all proportion. If someone wants to go with horses in private that's their affair. If they'd been caught doing it to the horse or doing it in the middle of the high street that would be different, but in a barn miles from nowhere.......get a life all of you.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video and then the Zoo "documentary" and it just fascinates me. To me it looks like the man assisting lost control of the horse's penis (holding it so only so much of it goes into Kenneth Pinyan). the horse blocks the camera by moving so you can't see for a few seconds and repositions itself for deeper thrusting (hence the name of the video) and that's when the colonic perforation probably happened. Horses are strong and this was an awful crazy freak accident. The horse WAS turned on, i have no doubt about that. The Zoo doc explains more. A little bit of this thing reminds me of the movie "Hostel" where people pay to act out their murderous fantasies. It has that kind of horrible darkness to it. I have no interest in bestiality cuz it freaks me out. I just feel bad for the man's family. He needed help after the sex act, he died several hours later, after refusing to let his friends take him to emergency room. Well they finally did, and he died there waiting after they had fled. The whole story is just so bizarre but haunting. Apparently, he had a good job at Boeing as an engineer and would meet with other people at this farm but a lot of times nothing would happen with the horses.

Mike said...

I sincerely hope with all my heart that everyone who is glad Kenneth is dead or thinks he deserved to die trips in a barnyard and gets fucked to death by a draft stallion someday. You deserve it. Don't worry, no one will miss you and the world's better off without you anyway. How do you like it when someone says the same thing to you?
He's dead because of heartless, judgemental, intolerant pieces of crap like you. He hesitated in getting to the hospital in time due to the fear of getting found out and what it would mean for his career and livelihood, though he should have been more concerned for his actual Life.
And now thanks to this pathetic, close-minded society of ours a man is dead, a wife is widowed and a child is fatherless. What sewage pipe birthed you heartless pieces of crap? Do you have no humanity?

Also, the video isn't a snuff film. It was made over a year before the drunken incident that led to his demise. Also, anyone questioning whether a human could take that has obviously never seen a KirkJ toy video.

John Doe said...

Someway, somehow, I think Mike is a phaggot.

If not, Mikey, let's clue YOU in on something. Your boy Kenny died because of his LACK OF JUDGEMENT.

There is a reason a very high percentage of folks out there don't die like that. Because they actually deem that a pretty stupid and shameful way to die, I imagine.

At least you showed your tolerance and open-mindedness fro other views, Mikey. Die.