Friday, September 22, 2006

Online Check-in

When I was a small child, Imelda Marcos was securing power in Manila, The Who were playing live concerts, and a reckless, despised GOP President was ensuring decades of Democratic legislative rule. Also, when you flew, the checkin agent would spend a good ten minutes typing the fact of your arrival at the airport into her keyboard.

Now, if you enjoy difficult and unrewarding tasks, you can check in online 24 hours before your flight. More sensibly, you can stick your credit card into a kiosk, push a touchscreen a handful of times, and be on your way to cracking bomb jokes in the security line.

I still have no idea what the business was with the keyboards.

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Brad said...

My favorite uncle (the funny one) used to make jokes about how, if you tried to check in at a hotel or a gate, the conversation would go like this:

YOU: I'm here for a reservation I made.

HER: OK. [clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety]

HER: And your name is...?

YOU: Rionn F. Malechem.

HER: [click] You're all set.