Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fat People and Hate Speech

The link, unfortunately, doesn't make my point. Because it's an email I received from the New York Civil Liberties Union about school bullying laws. Now, I'm sure there's a way to feel about school bullying laws, but I don't feel it. So, let's not talk about that.

However! The subject line of the email to me, which you can't see, is "Homo, Towelhead, Fatso. Enough is enough!" This got me really worked up, and it's a flaw that the body of the web page doesn't have.

Fat people are not a protected group.

It's important that they never be. Shame, ridicule, goading, these are things we use to oppress minorities and people different from us. Well, OK. We shouldn't abuse folks for their religious dress, their gender orientations, their accents. But! The reason the good Lord gave us the capacity to abuse one another was so that we could change maladaptive behavior. Like being fat!

I know. There's like 8 guys in America that are fat because of some medical thing. It's these guys who suffer because of all the optionally fat people bringing shame upon them!

OK. There's that.


Anonymous said...

Are you aware of the viruses being sent out under your name? I recently received an email from an "O'brogin", address "nnugen@malechem.blogspot.com", containing a zip file with a suspicious .exe file.
I'm guessing it's not you since I just received a similar email from a different address, but I thought I best tell you.

Rionn Fears Malechem said...

Thanks. I have no idea what I would do about that, but I disavow any suspicious .exe files.